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Thursday, 4 June 2020

4th June 2020 - Riverside Fishery

Match Day 4 and a return to Riverside Fishery

The weather had certainly changed and it was freezing cold.

Although the fish had stopped spawning would they be on the feed in the cold conditions??
Answer .......... NO
What a terrible session...

I was on peg 4, with Big T on peg 5 and the first half of the match saw not a single bite for either of us.
The second half of the match saw me land a very hard fighting Carp of 8 lb 3 oz and then an hour later I lost one, when stupidly I tightened the line and the heavy feeling fish jumped off
Not long after and with only an hour of the match to go Big T caught what was to be the winning fish, a big Carp of nearly 11 lb

A 4.5 v 0.5 win for Dad means my lead is now 14.5 v 5.5 in the race for the 2020 title

31st May 2020 - Owsten Ferry Fisheries

Match day 3 of this delayed season saw me and Big T try a new venue, the 78th we have fished.

Owsten Fisheries was the venue and after originally getting lost on route we finally arrived on site and chose two pegs on the nearside bank. I chose peg 6 with Dad on peg 5.

The weather was already warm and with hot sun forcast all day we were high in spirits for a good day in the nice weather.

The match wasn't really a contest. I ran away with the victory netting 11 Mirror Carp (the biggest being 8 lb 8 oz) Dad struggled all day bagging just the three fish for a total of 18 lb 8 oz, although he snatched half a point equaling the 8 lb 8 oz largest fish of the day.

The venue is nice and peaceful and the owners seem friendly, we will definately return at some point

I now lead 14-1 in the race for the Wilkie Trophy..

Saturday, 23 May 2020

23rd May 2020 - Riverside Fishery (Main Lake)

So, match day 2 was here and today's match saw us head down to South Yorkshire to fish Riverside Fishery.

The venue has just re-opened after being closed for over 6 months since the bad floods in November

Since all the lakes and the river flooded no one knows exactly what is in each lake since all the fish will have crossed between each lake so we were excited to fish the venue and also inrigued...

Gale force winds accompanied the sunshine so conditions were not great...

My start was, however great... First cast saw me land my second biggest fish of my career. A lovely 13 lb 3 oz Mirror Carp... what a start

30 Minutes later.... in again, this time a 5 lb 3 oz Mirror Carp

Another hour later, I netted another Mirror Carp, this time 4 lb 8 oz

Wow... what a fantastic morning. I had banked 3 fish and held a huge 22 lb lead over Big Tez

Just after Dinner, Dad was off the mark when he netted a Carp of 4 lb 4 oz and just 30 minutes later he landed again... This time a 7 lb Carp... Surely the comeback wasn't on...

Soon he was in again, this time an 8 lb Carp to close the gap to about 3 lb....

As we reached the last two hours I hadn't had a bite for ages and when Dads rod bent round I knew he was into a big one and one that would put him infront. I was right, he landed a 13 lb Mirror just 3 oz shy of my big one first thing this morning

FFS Dad lead by 10 lb and as time ticked on I was staring defeat in the face.

Last cast of the day, I put a wafter on and threw the feeder under a tree praying something would bite....

It did !!! My rod screamed and the fish took off, It felt like a good one, could I land it though?? It tangled on Dads line so I had to take the bale arm off and risk it getting off the hook as we got Dads line free from it. I quickly got the bale arm back on.. but was the fish on??? YES get innnnnn

As it got into the net I knew it was close to the 10 lber I needed to clinch victory...

It weighed 11 lb 12 oz and won me the match

What a great match that was and a good fishery too.

Mixed fortunes for Dad, he got his PB today of 13 lb but lost the match and broke his rod
I on the other hand was buzzing as I collected a 4.5 v 0.5 win

34 lb 10 oz for my 4 fish
Big T had 32 lb 4 oz for his 4 fish

My biggest fish of 13 lb 3 oz was the highlight for me, but on a day where we got three doubles between us and a last minute winner to decide the result there were many highlights all day

Roll on match day 3....
I lead 9.5 v 0.5 in the season now

Sunday, 17 May 2020

15th May 2020 - Woodlands Lakes (Partridge Lake)

For the past couple of months the world has been in a strange place with the Covid19 virus hitting hard.

As a result of the lock down, Fisheries have been closed

This week they re-opened so (better late than never) it was time for the Season 11 opening match

The opening match was at Woodlands as I thought It would be safer to fish the biggest venue where social distancing could be easiest to abide to.. I was wrong... it was heaving with anglers on every lake.

We chose Partridge lake and settled on pegs 10 (me) and 9 (Dad)

The sun was shining and after 7 weeks of no angling I assumed the fish would be desperate for food... I was wrong again...

It was a hard day with not many bites but a match I won easily.

Dad caught two 2 lb Carp and foul hooked a tiny skimmer but I had six decent Carp to romp to victory. My 9 lb 4 oz was the highlight, however my other catches were all of a decent size too.

I finished on 36 lb 5 for my six fish compared to Dads 4 lb 2 oz for his three fish

A big 5-0 win to open the season so you would think I would be happy.... wrong again... I broke my net and lost my ring in the lake....

Interesting day with ups and downs and great to be back on the bank.

Roll on next week when we head to South Yorkshire

Saturday, 26 October 2019

26th October 2019 - Mccallums (East Lake)

So, here it was, the 2019 season ending winner takes all finale and it was held at Mccallums on the East Lake.

Dad came into the match on the back of four straight wins to force a decider. Could he win his first League Title since 2012 or could I get back on track and clinch the title after four terrible recent performances

The weather was horrendous, non stop rain, wind and freezing cold conditions

After a breakfast in the cafe we cast in at 8:45am and the match was to last 6 hours

After a fruitless hour my line suddenly took off. I knew it was a big one. After playing it for ten minutes it took me under some lillies and snagged me. Gutted !!!!
I decided I needed to cut the line, just then my phone rang. It was my baby Niece and my Girlfriend so I left the rod with the line still seemingly snagged.
After coming off the phone, I tightened the clutch ready to snip the line if I couldn't save the method feeder. Then the line started moving, bloody hell I shouted, I still had it on and even better the fish had come out from the lillies. Five minutes later I landed it. A lovely 10 lb 3 oz Common.
What a start !!
Fantastic.. Could I kick on??

Literally five minutes later Big T was off the mark netting a Carp of just under 4 lb.
Half an hour later, he was in again, this time a Carp of 4 lb 8oz.
I quickly followed this with a small Skimmer of 8 oz

So a third of the match in and I had a lead of around 2 lb

The next two hours were dull, I couldn't buy a bite, Big T landed a Bream of 2 lb 14 oz to take the lead..

The last two hours were a disaster for me. Still not a bite, however Dad pulled away with blistering spell where he landed fish a further four fish adding about 10 lb to his total to easily win the match

Big T finished with 20 lb 15 oz for seven fish with me back on 10 lb 11 oz for my two fish
4-1 to Dad on the day

So Big T wins the league title and takes the Wilkie Trophy home for a year.

I was freezing, wet through and defeated... Awful...

Fair play to Dad, he turned a seemingly hopeless task of having to win the final five matches into a successful chase and well done to him

I will get my title back !!!! Roll on March/April 2020 for the next season to start

Monday, 21 October 2019

20th October 2019 - Tyram Fisheries (Island Lake)

Three 5 Nil defeats on the trot meant we headed into today's match with me holding only a narrow two point lead
I could still seal the league title with a win however another defeat would put Big T infront with only one match to go
What was it to be?

We chose to fish Tyram again and set up with me on peg 8, Big T on peg 9

The weather was dry and overcast but deep into October meant there was a chill in the air

I got off to a good start banking two Carp of 5 lb 6 oz and 6 lb 4 oz. Big T then got off the mark with a lovely Mirror of 9 lb 1 oz to cut the lead to a slender 2 lb 9 oz
Dad then netted another big Carp, this time 8 lb 9 oz to build a lead of 6 lb but I hit back instantly with a Carp of my own that weighed 6 lb 3 oz.
With two and a half hours left to play I held a tiny 3 oz lead but then BOOOM.. Big T netted a double figure Carp of 10 lb 12 oz to regain the lead by 10 lb 9 oz.
I fought gamely at the end banking a 12 oz Bream and then in the dying seconds banked a nice 7 lb 12 oz Carp but it wasn't to be

Dad wins 4-1

We head into next weeks finale with twelve wins each this season and with Big T holding a one point lead
Winner takes all next week, what a season....

Monday, 14 October 2019

12th October 2019 - Norwood Fishery (Large Lake)

Another chance for me to win the league title, can I do it ??
I'd lost the last two matches 5-0 and had a shocker of a practice session on my own last week too so confidence was low

Today's match was at Norwood Fishery in Sheffield, a lake we hadn't fished for four years.

We started what was to be a six hour match at 8.20am and the weather was surprisingly mild and quite sunny
I was on peg 18 with Big T on peg 17

The first two hours were shocking. Big T managing to net three skimmers and me ...... Nothing !!!
After speaking to the owner we decided to move pegs to a wider area of the lake, I chose peg 26, Dad on peg 25

The next three hours were poor, Dad was doing okay bagging small fish but building a lead whilst I struggled landing two Carp and two Bream but as we headed into the last hour I had the largest fish so was on for at least the single point and not a whitewash

The last hour was terrible for me, I didn't land anything else and Dad landed three more fish including a 6 lb 5 oz Carp with 90 SECONDS of the match remaining to take all 5 points on offer and his third 5 Nil win on the bounce

What a horrible match for me and I feel I am bottling the league

I lead by 17 points last month and now I lead by just 2 with only two matches to go

It's going to the wire ...................

Sunday, 6 October 2019

5th October 2019 - Nether Mill Fishery

Well, this will be short ...

Today was a pleasure session on my own.
With my Girlfriend going to her Sisters I chose a fishery within half hour of there and that fishery was Nether Mill.

I had fished the lake once before about four months ago and to be honest struggled so was hoping for a better day today

I fished for a total of four hours and had a mare. One bite, one fish and that was it.

The weather was overcast but the temperature was low which could be a reason for the lack of activity
I tried lots of different baits but it was just one of those days

Two visits to Nether Mill now and both poor so I doubt I will be back.
Its a lovely place and very scenic and quiet but the owner was overheard explaining how he lost thousands of fish a few years ago in a bad flood

Three more fishing trips left this season ............

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

22nd September 2019 - Pool Bridge Farm (Horse Shoe Lake)

With only a 12 point lead in the league and only four matches to go I could seal the league title today

We chose to fish The Willows Fishery in York, a venue we hadn't fished in five years.
We got to the venue at 7am, (opening time) to find the only suitable pegs already taken.... Gutted..
Back in the car we drove the short distance to Poppleton to find every lake on that complex matched up.... Gutted again.
We jumped back in the car and thought we would try Moor Monkton but ................ yep matched up
GUTTED again. FFS...........

Poole Bridge Farm was the 4th choice of the fisheries within a close proximity so settled on fishing the Horse Shoe Lake and after setting up we started on what was to be a five hour 45 minute shortish match.

I was on peg 28 with Dad on peg 29. I hadn't fished this peg before but was fairly confident

It was clear after only an hour how this match was going to pan out and for me it wasn't good..

Small skimmers and even smaller Carp were the only fish gracing my net.
15 fish in total for a very poor 22 lb 1 oz. My largest fish was only 3 lb.
What a poor effort from me. Nothing went right and thoroughly let myself down

Meanwhile next to me Dad caught constantly and all from a spot under a willow tree. Granted, he too seemed to only catch small fish but he caught all match with no lulls.
Dad finished with 24 fish for a very decent total weight of 54 lb 9 oz to hammer me and his biggest win for some time... His 3 lb 9 oz Mirror Carp was the biggest of the day too

So a 5-0 huge win for Big T now means I only lead by 7 pts with 15 points still to play for.
Its going to the wire....
I need to clinch the title on the next match or the league will go to the final two matches and the pressure will be immense.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

7th September 2019 - Moor Monkton Pools (Front Pool)

Back to Moor Monkton to fish the Front Pool again today.
In July we had a good day so we were both hopeful for another good session on the bank

Kirsty had the car today which meant Dad had to pick me up and I got a little lay in

We arrived at the venue just before 7.30 am and I chose the end peg (65) with Dad on 66
After tackling up we cast in at 8 am in what were overcast conditions

The match was to be a 6.5 hour match

The first hour was slow for both of us with neither of us getting off the mark.

The second hour was amazing for me. I netted four good Carp (One was a cracking 7 lb 4 oz Common). Dad struggled again netting just the one Carp

The next hour was fruitful for both of us. Dad was now into good sized Carp and I managed another two including an 8 lb 7 oz Mirror Carp

The second half of the match .... well what can I say ??
I  had a mare banking only a small Carp and three silvers. Meanwhile Dad was brilliant, steadily catching a good stamp of Carp including a lovely double ..

I  finished with 44 lb 1 oz for my 10 fish with Big T miles ahead on 71 lb 3 oz for 13 fish
Dads 10 lb 4 oz Carp winning the biggest fish point too

Dad wins 5-0 and well deserved too

My lead is cut to 12 points with 5 matches to go ....

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

3rd September 2019 - Woodlands (Skylark Lake)

Woodlands was today's venue and finally a chance to fish the Skylark lake. I have wanted to fish this lake for nearly ten years and today I was finally getting a chance

I chose peg 16, Dad was on 14 with Ethan joining us for the session on peg 15

The match was a 6.5 hours match and with overcast conditions we all expected a good day

All three of us had contrasting days...

Ethan had a shocker, struggled for bites all day and finished on a terrible 9 lb 9 oz for his five fish

Big T had a poor day too. He managed to get a big Carp of 7 lb 9 oz which would win him the point for biggest catch of the day but he didn't really do much else and finished on 25 lb 4 oz for his nine fish

I had a fantastic day.
I caught all day and a good stamp of fish at that...
I netted sixteen fish in total which included a nice Ghostie and nice Koi
My total weight was a good 71 lb 5 oz

I win 4-1 to extend my lead to 17 points with six matches to play...

2nd September 2019 - Lindholme (Willows Lake)

Today match was back at Lindholme in what is turning out to be our favourite venue.
Willows was the chosen lake, (a lake we had never fished before)

The match was to last six hours and I chose peg 23

The match was dire. The weather was ok apart from breezy winds but the fish didn't want to know. Well they didn't on my peg. I tried all sorts of baits but had no luck

I did manage 13 fish but they averaged out at less than 2 lb each
I finished on a poor 23 lb.

Meanwhile next to me Dad was also struggling until we reached the final hour of the match

With the total weights nearly identical Dad had an unbelievable last hour netting fish after fish to run away with the victory
Dad ended up with just over 42 lb and took all 5 points on offer

Sunday, 1 September 2019

31st August 2019 - Rising Sun (Lake 2)

Today we chose to go fish Lake 2 at Rising Sun Fishery.
We hadn't fished this lake for three years and the last time we did fish it, Big T fell in …

Today was another seven hour match
I was on peg 2, with Dad on the end peg (peg 1)

It was a very poor match, both of us struggled all day but whereas Dad couldn't get anything over 2 lb, my stamp of fish was a little better

The first six hours and 30 seconds saw us both net eleven fish in total but with only 30 seconds on the clock left, I netted a small Ide to claim the point for most fish.
I've lost count of how many times I catch fish in the last minute or two when we go fishing and today was just the same

The biggest fish of the day was a beauty.
Nestled in-between the twenty two small fish we caught between us was a lovely 8 lb 5 oz Mirror Carp that I caught which earned me the point for the largest fish

My 26 lb total beat Dads 14 lb 11 total to get me the three points for total weight too

A 5-0 win for me today extends my season lead to 19 points

28th August 2019 - Lindholme Lakes (Strip Lake)

Todays match was back at Lindholme on what is rapidly becoming my favourite lake - "Strip Lake"

The match was a seven hour match and I went into it with a ten point lead over Big T

I started off on peg 17 with Dad on 16 but a guy chose to fish bang opposite us for some reason (even though he had the full bank to choose from!!)
As a result of this we only fished for two hours before moving pegs.
These two hours were productive for me though with three Carp netted (two over 6 lb).
Big T also had three fish but were a lot smaller

We moved pegs where I settled for peg 23, (a peg I'd fished before) and Dad on peg 24 (the end peg)

The next five hours were unbelievable. I caught another thirteen fish, with seven of them over 6 lb. One was a brilliant 9 lb 7 oz Common Carp.
Dad also caught another thirteen fish but of a smaller stamp

The small F1 I caught on the last cast was enough to get the share of the point for most fish, my big 9 lb 7 oz Common got me the point for largest fish and although Dad finished with a very respectable 48 lb 8 oz, I finished with a huge 82 lb haul to get the remaining three points to win 4.5 v 0.5

My lead extended to 14 points...

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

27th August 2019 - Lindholme (Loco Lake)

We fished Loco at Lindholme today and I went into the match holding a slender five point lead for the season
Todays full match also featured Ethan and Cawood Dave however me and Dad would have the contest between us too to count for the season

The match was a slow one really in baking hot weather.
Cawood Dave and Big T only caught two tiddlers each but Ethan and Myself did quite well
Ethan got a Roach and three very good Carp (all over 9 lb, infact one was a huge 12 lb 8 oz)
I managed six fish including a double of my own (10 lb 13 oz)

Ethan won the overall match by a clear 7 lb with me behind in 2nd. (Dad and Cawood Dave performing terribly)

More importantly for me was the 5 points I gained in our league

I now lead by 10 points

Sunday, 4 August 2019

3rd August 2019 - Forest Lane Fishery (The Don Lake)

Today was a chance to fish the highly respected lake "The Don" at Forest Lane Fishery in Alne.
We had fished it once before but its a lake that is always matched up on a weekend so when a club had cancelled on them we took advantage and chose the lake for mine and Big T's latest battle

I went into the match with a ten point lead so no nerves for me, however Big T knew only a win would do for him as we come to the crunch end of the season

After setting up our tackle and a bit of brekkie we started what was to be a six and a half hour match and with plenty of fish showing we were both confident of a good day.
The weather was warm and bright and surprisingly the lake was quiet with fellow anglers

The match was a strange one. It was very slow for me, with very little to shout about. I caught some good fish but only eight in the net in total was disappointing. I did manage five different species amongst the eight fish, a Common of over 7 lb my highlight and I lost what felt like a huge fish.

Dad had a much better day, he caught ten fish but of a much better stamp meaning he finished with a total weight of 47 lb 14 oz which swamped my 33 lb 4 oz. His biggest catch was a nice Mirror Carp of 8 lb 8 oz. Dad also lost about eight fish, taking his line and then jumping off. Taking this into account the win could have been by a much wider margin had he landed any of the eight he lost

So a disappointing loss for me but a huge 5 point win for Big T. Just what he wanted and needed and it means my lead is now cut to a narrow five points.

This is going down to the wire...I can feel it

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The 2019 Docklow Trophy - July 6th to 13th

So here it was, the wait finally over.

The Docklow Trophy was up for grabs again...
After winning the first one in 2016 by the closest of margins, I was well and truly beaten in 2017 and thrashed in 2018 so I was desperate to regain the prestigious award.
I also headed to Docklow with a narrow three point lead in this years league standings too so I knew a heavy loss at Docklow would put Dad well in front and on course for the league title too.
The pressure was on...


MATCH 1 - Figure of Eight Lake - 4 Hours 30 Minutes match - David on peg 4, Big T on peg 5

The opening match was a short match of less than five hours and a match we didn't start until Mid Afternoon. The lake we chose to fish was the figure of eight lake, a lake we had never fished before so it was into the unknown for both of us.
The weather was warm and muggy and a slight feel of rain in the air.
The match was a tight affair that could have gone either way. I caught a lot more fish than Big T (I landed 12 compared to Big T's 5) however a lot of mine were small skimmers. I did manage three Carp though, two of which were over 5 lb for a total weight of 19 lb 7 oz. Dad finished with 12 lb 5 oz but the match will be remembered for the fish lost rather than the fish caught. I was snapped in the lillies twice but Dad lost FOUR so if we had landed all these lost fish the result could have been reversed but I will take an opening win. My Common Carp of 6 lb 4 oz helped me take the further point to win 5-0. Brilliant start for me


MATCH 2 - Match Lake - 8 Hours 45 Minutes match - David on peg 8, Big T on peg 7

Match 2 was held on the Match Lake, a lake we had done well but also very poorly on previously.
It was warm and sunny today so we were happy
This match was even tighter than the previous days match.
I landed 15 fish, one shy of Dad's total of 16 and I was under 3 lb short of Dads total weight too (I weighed in 33 lb 12 oz to Dads 36 lb 7 oz)
I did however get the largest fish of the day. A huge 4 lb 6 oz F1 winning me a solitary point
Dad wins 4-1. Back to the drawing board for me ….


MATCH 3 - Farmer Jack Lake - 9 Hours 30 Minutes match - David on peg 43, Big T on peg 42

Match 3 was on Farmer Jack, a lake I can never get the better of Big T on....
I was desperate for a win or doubts would start to set in. I felt under so much pressure as the match started.
A nice Common Carp was my highlight with the 5 lb 6 oz fish going on to win me the point for biggest fish.
I netted constantly during the match, F1's being the majority of the fish I bagged.
I landed a total of 20 fish for 49 lb 8 oz.
The match like the previous two was nip and tuck all day and with 3 minutes to go I was holding on...
Then disaster!!!! Big T bagged the 3 lber he needed to win the match. After netting it, the match was over...…
No way!!!!! Dad wins 4-1. Terrible night ahead for me, surely this wasn't going the same way as the previous two years.... I was in trouble


MATCH 4 - Stock Pond - 10 Hour match - David on peg 4, Big T on peg 3

Match 4 was on the Stock Pond, another lake we hadn't fished before but one I had always wanted to. Previously the lake was "Float Only" but was now any method.
This match was unbelievable...
The match just like the last three days was nip and tuck with the lead changing hands several times whilst we both caught lots of fish.
I caught 34 fish, most small F1's but a nice Common of 4 lb 5 oz was enough to win the biggest fish point.
Big T landed 40 fish though to win the other single point.
The total weights were Dad a very good 72 lb 14 oz but a huge weight of 80 lb was my total so won me the 3 points for biggest total weight
The match only really swung in the last 90 minutes when I forged ahead. It was a fantastic match and possibly my favourite of the 4 years at Docklow
A 4-1 win for me was much appreciated
I now lead 11-9 for the week. It was still all to play for


MATCH 5 - Mickey Mouse Pond - 9 Hour match - David on peg 29, Big T on peg 28

Match 5 was on Mickey Mouse Pond, a lovely pond unfortunately spoilt by too many lilly pads. Of the 50 or so pegs I reckon only a dozen are fishable.
We chose pegs on the roadside and like the previous days the weather forecast was for warm weather and sun.
Would the match be like the last four days, very close??
Well.....Yes it would
I once again caught pretty much all day, mostly silvers though but they all add up...
After the 9 hours I had caught 25 fish for a total of 37 lb 11 oz. Dad meanwhile caught a lot more than me (38 fish) but of a much smaller stamp. He finished with a total weight of 34 lb 6 oz. Very close considering he lost THREE fish in the final ten minutes....
Could that be his chance gone??
My 4 lb 14 oz Common Carp was the biggest catch of the session however Dads perfect 4 lb Perch was the highlight of a good days fishing.
4-1 win for me again meant I now lead 15-10 and needed only 3 points from the remaining two matches.. Could I really win back the trophy? Could I win it tomorrow with a day spare??


MATCH 6 - Tench Pool - 9 Hour match - Both on roadside pegs (un-numbered)

Match 6 was on the Tench Pool, a lake we hated last year when we first fished it, but could today be any better? Could I win the trophy today??
The weather for the first time this week wasn't great. It was warm but overcast and a couple of downpours albeit not for long meant we fished under the brollies a couple of times.
The match was atrocious...
Big T caught 15 fish including a nice little Barbel and I caught a couple of really nice Tench in my total of 8 fish caught but it was a very slow, long match with not much excitement
Big T was infront all day and it stayed like that as he closed the match out with a total weight of 18 lb 9 oz. My fish weighed a rubbish 13 lb 9 oz but 3 lb 10 oz Tench was enough to at least get me the one point
Dad wins 4-1. We go to a final day decider....


MATCH 7 - Moby Dick Lake - 9 Hours 45 Minutes match - David on peg 35, Big T on 34

Match 7 and the Trophy decider.
It all came down to this after 6 previous days of titanic battles on the lakes
I lead 16-14 coming into the match so I could afford to lose 3-2 and still win the Trophy but a 4-1 or 5-0 defeat would spell disaster for me and a win for Big T
The weather was good and we chose pegs on the opposite bank to where we normally fish.
It was a double peg and we both had the same island infront of us and trees to either margin.
The pressure was unbearable and Big T raced into a 12 lb lead with some great angling in the opening part of the match.
Before lunch I had fought back, caught the biggest fish of not only the day but of the week (Common Carp of 7 lb 2 oz) and we were basically level at the break
This was unbelievable, the last match, a finale to decide who wins this years trophy and it was going to the wire.
After dinner I upped my game and targeted the silvers, netting them for fun in a fantastic 2 hour spell to get infront. The silvers meant I had a lead of about 6/7/8 fish so that point was looking safe. Could I get the other point I needed though? My 7 lb 2 oz was still the biggest fish and the total weights were within ounces so Dad needed the big one... Could he get it??
We entered the final minutes of the match with Dad desperately trying to snare a big one that could win the match and trophy but it never came. I held on Yessssssssssssssssss
My total weight of 45 lb 7 oz was just over a 1 lb infront of Big T's total weight.
I finished with 30 fish to Dads 22 and my big Common meant even though it could have turned in the last second I actually got all 5 points today to win 5-0


Chuffed to bits to win back the trophy I last held in 2016.
The final score being 21 points to 14 points

A fantastic week of not only fishing, but good food, drink and fantastic company. It was a great laugh and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hope to go back and put the title on the line again in 2021 after a year out next year


Monday, 1 July 2019

29th June 2019 - Nether Mill Fishery

Match day seven and a match I needed to win
I went into this match with an 8 point lead but with Docklow next week I wanted to go there holding a big lead as I normally struggle down there

We decided to fish Nether Mill Fishery, a lake in Penistone I had looked at a few months ago

We got to the venue and Big T loved it. It is a very picturesque fishery consisting or one lake with 3 Islands down the middle. Flat banking made fishing comfortable and this well kept lake held some big fish aswell as a lot of smaller stuff so I fancied my chances.

The sun was beating down early in the day and 30 degree was forcast for later so the suncream was packed

The first couple of hours was nip and tuck. I bagged seven small fish for a total of 7 lb 12 oz and Dad bagged 6 fish for 6 lb 10 oz

The next couple of hours couldn't be further away from "nip and tuck". I struggled badly managing only a couple of small fish but Big T netted twelve to build a lead of around 10 lb

The next couple of hours were similar to the previous two. Big T landed another twelve fish whilst I netted only three so he extended his lead to 11 lb

The last hour was truly abysmal for me as I couldn't muster so much as bite.
Over on the next Peg dad got another five fish and another 7 lb or so

I finished with 12 fish for 14 lb which was very poor
Dad finished with 35 fish for 33 lb for a much deserved win. He also got the point for the largest fish too to claim all 5 points available and cut me lead down to a slim 3 points

Docklow week coming up next. Cant wait for it (even though I usually struggle there)
If I struggle this time round, Big T could be set for not only the Dockow Trophy but he will have sights on the league title too

Thursday, 27 June 2019

24th June 2019 - Tyram Fisheries (Island Lake)

Match Day 6 today and a last minute change of venue.
We were originally going to go back to Lindholme but we decided on Tyram instead

I set up on peg 15, with Big T on peg 14 and with the weather forecast also changing at the last minute from storms to just cloudy we were hopeful of a good day

The first couple of hours was all me as I stormed into a big lead. I landed four Bream and a good 6 lb Carp whilst Dad had the solitary Bream of 3 lb 8 oz

The middle section of the match saw Dad try to fight back but I extended my lead. I bagged three Bream and a big 8 lb 12 oz Carp. Dad netted three Bream and two Carp

The last couple of hours were poor for both of us. Dad blanked whilst I caught tiny Mirror Carp and a tiny Roach

Tyram is a really good fishery with friendly staff and a good cafe and we will definitely be back. Unfortunately the really big fish eluded us again today but still a good enjoyable day even though I did nearly fall in the lake after slipping in the mud

I finished with eleven fish for 34 lb 10 oz. Big T caught six fish for 13 lb 7 oz
My 8 lb 12 oz Mirror Carp was the best of the day

So a 5-0 win for me saw me stretch my lead to 8 points for the season

Next week we travel to Nether Mill Fishery and then it will be only days before the Docklow Week

Game on ...

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

8th June 2019 - Moor Monkton Pools (Front Lake)

Match Day 5 and a trip to Moor Monkton Pools, but unlike usual when we go to this venue, today's match was to be on the Front Pool.

We haven't fished the Front Pool before so after doing a bit of research we decided on pegs 67 and 68 (with me on peg 68)

The lake is quite small with only 18 pegs but with plenty of vegetation and two central islands its quite an inviting water

The match was due to be a 5 hour 15 minute match and with heavy rain forcast we had the brollies at the ready

The match got underway with me needing a win.
Last weeks victory drew me level on 10 points each but with Docklow Week only round the corner and Dad prolific there I need a lead for when we go

The first hour was insane for me. A Carp of 4 lb was followed by three more over 5 lb each whilst Dad had a solitary Carp of around four and a half pound. Wow... what a start

The second hour was all Big T's. He landed four Carp including a 6 lb 11 oz (which would turn out to be the biggest of the day). I, on the other hand netted a Carp of 5 lb 11 oz which was my only catch during this second hour of the match

The third hour saw me pull away again as I landed two decent Carp of four and five pound whilst Dad managed just a three pounder

The fourth hour saw Dad net a small Carp and me blank

The final hour started with me holding a lead of over 8 lb so the pressure was somewhat off and with the rain hammering down I bagged a nice 3 lb Bream to finish the match off

I finished with 8 fish for 37 lb 7 oz with Dad back on 26 lb 4 oz for 7 fish.
As I mentioned earlier Dad bagged the biggest fish of the day

So, a 4-1 win today and for the first time this season I hit the front.

Two matches in one week are next...
June 24th and June 29th

Friday, 24 May 2019

24th May 2019 - Lindholme Lakes (Strip Lake)

Practice session day today and it was back to Lindholme once again.

Every lake bar Bonsai was available so I chose to fish the Strip Lake like last Saturday.
Was last Saturdays good day a one off or was this lake really that good?

Kirsty had the day off today and with hot and sunny weather forecast she came along for the day out.

We arrived at a very quiet Lindholme at 7.30am and decided on peg 23 (the other end of the lake to what I fished with Dad the other day)

Today was going to be a 6 hour session.
Six hours sat in the sun in my shorts fishing. Girlfriend sat beside me reading her book. This beats work any day....

The day started with a bang as I landed a Carp of just over 7 lb. Wow.... this lake is brilliant I thought to myself.
The first two hours of the session saw me land that 7 lb Mirror Carp and a further five F1 Carp

Just short of 23 lb in the first two hours was a fantastic start to the day

The middle two hours were just as good as I netted four more F1 Carp, another Mirror Carp, a Common Carp and a Bream so another 23 lb in the bag.....

The last two hours died a bit with me only landing three F1 Carp and a tiny Common Carp

So 17 fish for 53 lb.

I really do like this lake but............. note to self..... "remember sun lotion next time" ouch....

Sunday, 19 May 2019

19th May 2019 - Lindholme Lakes (Strip Lake)

Match day 4 and going into this match I trailed Dad by 10 pts to 5 so needed a win.
I'd started the season very poorly so required not only a win but a good performance too

Today's match was back at Lindholme and was originally to be held on Beeches lake.

We arrived just after 7am and when paying for our day ticket we were told that Beeches "may not be available to pleasure fish today". Oh no.... we both thought as we obtained tickets for the un-fancied Strip lake

We started our match at 8am and within 5 minutes, on his first cast Dad hooked and landed an 11 lb 1 oz Carp (a PB for him) but 2 minutes later I unbelievably bettered his effort by netting an 11 lb 5 oz Mirror
The next half hour saw Dad bag a 10 lb 14 oz Carp and I landed a huge 11 lb 11 oz Mirror Carp. (We Both also landed a small F1 too)
What an opening hour including 4 doubles between us and after this first hour Dad lead by the tiny amount of one ounce

The next two hours were fruitful too with Dad netting another small F1 and a Carp of over 8 lb meanwhile I landed four F1s and a couple of Common Carp. I now led by about 3 lb after the first three hours of the match

The last hour before lunch was quite even with Dad getting another Carp of over 8 lb whilst I netted two small F1s and a nice Ghost Carp to extend my lead to roughly 4 lb

The first hour after lunch saw me bag two small carp and Dad one small Carp so my lead increased to 6 lb with just one hour of the match to go. Was this 6 lb going to be enough?? On a lake where doubles had come onto our banks I wasnt too sure...

The last hour fortunately for me went my way too with two small Carp and a 5 lb Carp coming into my net whereas Dad has a solitary F1 of around 4 lb

A win for me in what was a fantastic match

I finished with 17 fish for 63 lb 8 oz
Dad had a total weight of 51 lb 6 oz for his 8 fish

My 11 lb 11 oz Carp was the biggest of the day

A 5-0 win for me brings me level with Dad for the season on 10 pts each.

Next match Saturday 8th June  but first I have a session on my own next week. Roll on next Saturday

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

28th April 2019 - Lindholme Lakes (Loco Lake)

Well today was match day 3 with Dad and we came in to the day level at 5 points each

Today's match was to be held at Lindholme on the Loco Lake, a lake Dad had fished once but I hadn't.
There are huge fish in here so we were both hopeful of a good day and a good match

We got set up with me on peg 43 and Dad on 42 and cast in at 8am. This was to be a 6 1/2 hour match

There isn't much I can write about my day. It was truly abysmal and my worst performance in years. I caught one 1 lb skimmer and that was it. No bites, no knocks, not even a line bite. Shocking !!

Dad had a better day but still not very good. He ended up with 4 Carp for 15 1/2 lb

5 points to Dad and a big win to lead 10-5 in the season

My confidence shot to pieces after this past couple of days Angling but as Arnie once said "I'll be back" !!!!

27th April 2019 - Winfield Lakes (High Lake)

Today was a practice session

Dad was involved in a match at Cawood and Kirsty was working so I thought why not, will be better than staying indoors...

I was wrong !!!

I got to Winfield Lakes to be welcomed by Strong Gales and lashing down rain. It was bitterly cold too.
I lasted all of 4 hours in horrendous conditions and although I caught eight fish, five of them were smaller than what I have in my fish tank at home...

I fished peg 19 and ended up with 8 fish for 16 lb in the 4 hours I fished

I was disappointed with the chopping down of a lot of the vegetation at the fishery. The central island was cut down to only 2 foot high and the perimeter bushed that lined the lake chopped down too making the lake look a bit bare to me

I will be back in a couple of years to see what the place looks like as its currently for sale again

Today was a bad day at the office !!!

Sunday, 14 April 2019

13th April 2019 - Elm Tree Fishery (Horseshoe Lake)

Today was a practice session for me.
A solo visit back to Elm Tree Fishery in Hooton Roberts.

I'd fished this lake twice before so knew it would be a good day to catch fish, (although mostly small F1 Carp)

I got to the venue at 8.30am and found the ground covered in frost, however the water was ice free.
I was to fish 6 hours today and after setting up on peg 21 I cast in at 8.50am.

I was using the day to get used to a rod I struggled with on this seasons opener at Tyram and also a chance to hopefuly catch using some of the baits I'd not really done well with previously.

The day went as I expected. I caught at a constant rate all day.
12 F1 Carp, a Skimmer and a Crucian

Elm Tree is a lovely peaceful fishery, I just wish it wasnt one of those lakes where you know what you will catch. Everytime the rod bent round I knew a 2-3 lb F1 was coming in...
I will be back in a few years time once Ive explored "new to us" fisheries during the next 2/3 seasons

Sunday, 7 April 2019

5th April 2019 - Lindholme Lakes (Bonsai Lake)

So match day 2 and a quick turnaround after yesterday so a chance to get on the league table I hoped...
We chose Lindholme Lakes, a fishery we hadn't fished before
Bonsai Lake on the complex was the lake we decided on, Lindholme's flagship lake on the complex
We got to the site at 6.50 just before opening time and started setting up with me on Peg 70, Dad on peg 69. (These were the best two pegs on the lake I had been advised..)
Whilst I finished tackling up Dad went to pay and was giving a talking to by the strict staff member. "We have been watching you on camera", "you came in before 7am", you cant just go to the lake before you see me first" etc etc
Ok.. For starters its the first time we have been to Lindholme so weren't aware of these rules and secondly, you are "telling us off" for not coming to the shop first before going to the lake yet you dont even have DIP nets.. Come on get your priorities right....
Anyway, with the wind behind us and the sun shining we knew today would be better than the previous day.
The first half of the 6 hour match was fairly even with me keeping infront but not by a lot. I had two small Mirror Carp and two F1's whilst Dad had a small Common, a small F1, a small Tench and a tiny Chub
The second half of the match saw me pull well clear... Whilst Dad could only manage a skimmer and two small Common Carp, I had a good Mirror Carp and a good F1 which totalled about 10 lb between them and then I followed it up with two very good Common Carp. Firstly one of 6 lb 5 oz and then a fantastic 9 lb 10 oz beauty
This meant that I finished with 8 fish for 34 lb. Dad ended up with 7 fish for 15 lb 8 oz

A 5-0 win for me meant after 2 days we were level with 5 points each

Bonsai Lake at Lindholme was a brilliant lake and we will definitely be back to fish not only this lake but also a few of the others on the complex too

Tyram yesterday was difficult but again its a lovely fishery and we will be back when the better weather comes

4th April 2019 - Tyram Fisheries (Island Lake)

Its here, finally the 2019 season :-)

Two days off work meant a double header to open the season and match 1 was to be at Tyram Fisheries in Doncaster.
This is a lake we hadn't fished before so we were both excited to see what the day would bring.
I had been given the heads up that the lake had been fishing brilliantly over the last two weeks so could we carry this good form on?
Well, we got to the venue and set up our tackle. The Wind was horrendous and it was apparent straight away we could be in trouble
The match was to be a 5 hour 30 minutes match and the first hour went by with not even a bite for me, whilst Dad lost one.
After breakfast we tried to up our game but the wind was getting worse. We couldn't cast properly and seeing bites in these conditions was nearly impossible.
During these next two hours I managed to net three tiny skimmers whilst Dad faired better bagging a decent Tench, a skimmer and two Carp
The remainder of the match was fished in Gale Force winds and freezing cold conditions and saw Dad net a Roach to rub salt in my wounds...
Very disappointing day and a bad start to the season

I finished with three fish for 1 lb 4 oz, Dad had 5 fish for a total weight of 7 lb
Dad's Tench was the biggest fish of the day

Dad wins 5.0

Oh dear I hope I fair better tomorrow I thought as we headed home...

Sunday, 17 March 2019

2019 season baits

After months of research these are the hook baits I have settled for for the forthcoming season.

Less than 3 weeks until the season opener :-)

Friday, 8 March 2019

A J Fishing Tackle (Middleton Park, Leeds, LS10 3ST)

This is a very small fishing tackle shop and is definately a throwback to yesteryear.
It is on one floor and is of tiny size.
Due to its small size it doesn't hold a vast amount of tackle although its adequate for nipping in if you're passing and running short of something
There is no website for the shop


Supreme Angling Ltd (New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4QD)

This is a fairly new tackle shop, only opening in 2014.
The shop is a high street small tackle shop on two floors.
The shop is what I call an "old school" tackle shop where you are greeted by one or two regulars stood chatting to the owner. This gives the shop a nice friendly atmosphere.
The shop gets new tackle and bait very, very quickly which is admirable and the owner and staff are on hand to help with any queries
Supreme Angling has an adequate website

The only negatives I can think of are :
It is sometimes difficult to get parked with it being on a busy road and due to the shop being small the choice of goods whether that be bait or tackle is obviously not as good as bigger stores


BobCo Fishing Tackle (Torre Road, Leeds, LS9 7QL)

This tackle shop is a Superstore.
Its a huge store measuring 15,000 square feet and based on two floors.
The store caters for every type of fishing, from fly fishing, to carping to general coarse to piking etc etc.
The stock this store holds is very good offering lots of tackle, clothing and a massive amount of bait.
The staff are very good and advice is on hand from the many staff walking the floor.
BobCo has sales at various times of year (usually Bank Holiday) where a lot of the goods can be bought at 20% discount.
There is a card (points) scheme too where you get points when you spend instore which you can then spend later. This works in a similar way to petrol cards a lot of people use.
The store has plenty of car parking which is good as its a busy store almost every day.
Sometimes the store has famous Anglers in to showcase new tackle or bait as its released which is then broadcast on Social Media
BobCo has a good website

The two negative things about this store :
I've found them very slow obtaining new baits. The smaller shops I frequent are much quicker in getting new stock out on the shelves
They seem to let stock run out before replenishing it. Ive often gone in for hooks or method feeders for example and they have "run out". A week later there are still none on display so I've had to go to the smaller shops again

All in all BobCo is a very good tackle shop with a huge variety of goods and is an Anglers dream, however they need to be a bit quicker to get the new bait out and need to fill the shelves before waiting for things to run out.

9 out of 10

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Nearly fishing season .......

45 more days until the 2019 fishing season starts and I cannot wait....

I plan to fish 24 times with Dad this coming season and also go once or twice on my own.

I am hoping to make my debut on 10 lakes I've never fished before which would increase the total number of waters I've fished up to 77

Docklow week is booked again and will take place in July

Dynamite have listened to the public and are releasing their durable hooker range in a new size (8mm) which should be great for the forthcoming season

Roll on April 4th for the season opener

Sunday, 14 October 2018

2018 Season Results

I cant believe how quick these seven months have gone and what a season.

I had three good sessions on my own fishing at Elm Tree and Raker Lakes however the 20 matches in the league with Dad were fantastic 

Winfields (High Lake) - David won 4-1

Plainville - Big T won 4.5-0.5
Birkwoond (Main Lake) - Big T won 5-0

Risby (Folly Lake) - David won 4.5-0.5
Mccallums (East Lake) - David won 4-1

Morndyke - David won 4.5-0.5
Woodlands (Kestrel Lake) - David won 5-0
Gilmoors (Bottom Lake) - David won 4-1

Docklow (Match Lake) - Big T won 3.5-1.5
Docklow (Tench Lake) - Big T won 4-1
Docklow (Mickey Mouse Lake) - Big T won 4-1
Docklow (Farmer Jack Lake) - Big T won 5-0
Docklow (Match Lake) - David won 5-0
Docklow (Moby Dick Lake) - Big T won 5-0
Risby (Gorse Lake) - David won 5-0

Fourways (Laneside) - David won 4-1

Riverside (Large Lake) - Big T won 4-1
Poppleton (Horse Shoe Lake) - David won 4.5-0.5

Moor Monkton (Cyprio Lake) - Big T won 4-1
The Oaks (Maple Lake) - David won 4-1

David 54.5
Big T 45.5

13th October 2018 - The Oaks (Maple Lake)

So, the 2018 season finale was here and although my title was confirmed last week I wanted to end the season with a victory.
A 5-0 win for Dad would mean I would win the league by a single point so it shows how close this league has been.
Would Big T get the 5-0 win or would I extend my 6 point advantage??

Today's match was due to be at Brafferton Fishery on Ghost Lake however after the long drive up there we could not find the fishery.... The Sat Nav took us to a farmers field and with no Fishery sign anywhere and no-one to ask we decided to head to The Oaks instead and fish the Maple Lake.

After quickly setting up and grabbing some Brekkie we started the 6 hour match at 9am.

The first quarter of the match belonged to Big T.
I had a small F1 Carp of 1 lb 4 oz whilst Dad had two bigger ones of over 3 lb.
It was a slow start, not surprising really as it was Mid Oct and Gale force winds sweeping across this snake style lake

The second and third quarter of the match definately belonged to me.
Whilst Dad struggled with two more Carp of between 3 and 4 pound, I managed to net 9 Carp all of a much lighter weight though but combined together gave me a lead of about six pound going into the last quarter

The last quarter of the match saw Dad catch three small Carp and a small Barbel and I caught three Carp too to slightly extend my winning margin.

I finished with 13 fish for 28 lb 12 oz
Dad finished with 8 fish for 21 lb 9 oz
Dads 3 lb 14 oz Carp was the largest of the day

Match result 4-1

So I win the 2018 league by 9 points

Winning ten of the fourteen regular week matches has made me happy however my dysmal showing at Docklow in which Dad won five of the six matches made the overall league very difficult for me to retain my title.
I am very pleased I managed it but it was close.............

Roll on next March / April when we start our tenth season

Sunday, 7 October 2018

6th October 2018 - Moor Monkton (Cyprio Lake)

So today was Match Day 19 of this season and Crucial in terms of the season honours.
I held a 9 point lead with only this and the next match to play so "Big T" needed a "Big Win". I on the other hand knew a solitary point would clinch me the league title for the 5th time on the trot

The match was at Moor Monkton Pools on the Cyprio Lake. This was a lake we always did well on and had caught big fish from so, although the weather forcast was grim we were both fairly confident of a good day

We set up on our favourite pegs, Dad on 7, me on 8 and after tackling up quickly in the rain we cast in at 8am. The match was a 6 hour 30 minute session. Could I get the one point I needed???

The first two hours Dad blew me away. He banked a Carp of just over 5 lb and a Carp of just over 7 lb. Meanwhile I had netted a small 7 oz Skimmer... Dad had also lost two more Carp, snapping him close to home. Would these two lost ones come back to haunt him??

As we entered the middle part of the match I wasn't overly concerned as I could afford a big defeat so long as I managed to get the one point I needed and for that reason I changed tact. I started to use bigger hook baits and reverted back to my plain Green Swim Stim not the chili, spice and vodka infused version I started the match on. Minutes later, whack.... the rod bent round and I landed a 5 lb 1 oz Carp. Still not big enough for the point for the biggest fish but at least I was back in the match. This middle section of the match also saw me net a decent Bream and a lovely Koi Carp of over 6 pound. Dad wasn't to be put off though as he netted two Carp of over 6 lb and a couple of Skimmers.

We started the last two hours of the match with Dad leading the match by about 13 pound and was on for a 5 nil win - just what he wanted.

Booooom my rod went round at an alarming speed and after playing the fish for a good 15 minutes I finally managed to net it... A huge Carp, surely bigger than Dad's 7 pounder that was leading the contest for biggest fish. As we weighed the fish I smiled as it registered 9 lb 4 oz. Surely now that was the point I needed to ratain the league title??
There were still time though and in the remaining time we had left I managed to bag another big carp, this time 8 lb 10 oz and one of nearly 6 lb. Dad pushed for the big one and bagged an 8 lb 8 oz Carp and a Carp of other 5 pound but that was to be that.

A great match today in which Dad very nearly pulled off the 5 Nil win he needed but that big 9 lb 4 oz Common earned me the point I needed.

I finished on 37 lb 8 oz with seven fish, Dad finished with 40 lb 2 oz with eight fish
Dad wins 4-1

I now hold a 6 point lead with only 5 to play for at next weeks final match of the season
Fantastic :-)

Sunday, 30 September 2018

29th September 2018 - Poppleton (Horse Shoe Lake)

Match day 18
Today's match was at Poppleton on the Horse Shoe Lake, a lake we hadn't fished in three years but a place I'd done well at before
I headed into the match with a 5 point lead with only 15 left to play for.
The weather forcast was for pleasant conditions and even a bit of sun
All of the above made me favourite for the match and put Dad under immense pressure.
This season has been the closest in six years and today was vital for us both

We got to the venue just before opening time and once in, we chose to fish pegs 12 (me) and 11 (Dad)
Both of us chose to solely fish the feeder.

The match started and literally two minutes in............ BOOM............ I'd banked a big 9 lb 4 oz Leather Carp. What a start.... Just what I wanted and put Big T under huge pressure.
I couldn't believe it. I was thrilled.
A Bream quickly followed this Carp and whilst Dad looked on in despair I spent the next 90 minutes netting another two Bream. Dad, however wasn't even off the mark.
Surely victory was mine, even at this early stage??

The middle section of the match belonged to Dad as he got into some rhythm bagging himself four Bream and a decent Carp. I only managed two Bream so my lead was cut..

The last couple of hours of the match was basically Dad trying to catch me and it was a good effort. He bagged five Bream, however I caught two Bream myself and a Carp of just over 4 and a half pound

I finished on 23 lb 2 with Dad back on 18 lb 14 oz.
Both of us had 9 fish each
My biggest fish was my 9 lb 4 oz Leather Carp. Dads was his 6 lb 9 oz Mirror Carp

So, a 4.5 v 0.5 victory for me and I head into the final two matches of the season with a 9 point lead.
Dad needs two big victories to overhaul me but I am very close... Nervous match ahead next week for both of us

Monday, 10 September 2018

9th September 2018 - Riverside Fishery (Large Lake)

Today was match 17 of this season and our first after a five week break.
I was pumped up for the match and desperate to pick up some more points as we get towards the back end of the season.
Today's match was at Riverside Fishery in Bawtry, a venue Dad had been to before but a debut for me.
We got to the Fishery early and after gaining entrance we chose two pegs on the spit. Me on peg 35, Dad on peg 36
The fishery was not what I imagined. I imagined a secluded venue off the beaten track, a natural venue in a heavy tree-lined area. In reality it was a 3 lake venue on some waste land, where 2 of the lakes were tiny. One almost unfishable with a solutary peg.
Anyway, our match was on the large lake. The large lake has about 43 pegs and perimeter vegetation. A sunken Island lay hidden in the centre of the lake, marked by some sprouting shoots.
Fishing in September is always quite tough as the weather cools down so I was expecting a hard dour battle where it would take a moment of skill (or luck) to maybe win a tight match... I was wrong again!!!
The first two hours Dad was on fire, netting three Carp of around 7, 4 and 5 pound and also losing a big one at the net. I had a slow hour until bang... the rod bent round and after a brief struggle a lovely double figure Carp was in my net weighing 10 lb 3 oz.
With Dad holding a lead of around 6 pound we entered the middle stage of the match and just like the first hour Dad caught first again, this time a Carp of just short of 9 lb being bagged by him. Oh No I thought.... I was in deep trouble and could get a whipping here. Then in the space of an hour I bagged a nice Carp of 5 lb 8 oz, a lovely Tench of 3 lb 11 oz and a big 4 lb 8 Bream. Three good sized fish
The third and final section of the match belonged to Dad. I managed to net another nice Bream and a decent Crucian but Dad cruised further infront netting a Carp of nearly 8 lb, a big Crucian Hybrid and a small Carp to win by about 10 lb
Dad fished well today and fully deserved his victory. He won 4-1 today with my Point being for the largest fish. Dad ended up with 7 fish for 41 lb 14 oz, I got 6 fish for 29 lb 10 oz

So my season lead is now down to just 5 points and with only 4 matches to play its going to be a tense finish to the season

Match day 18 is on September 29 where we start the first of the four remaining matches

Sunday, 5 August 2018

4th August 2018 - Fourways Fishery (Laneside Lake)

Match Day 16 of the 2018 season was here and today's match was to be held at Fourways Fishery in Gunthorpe on the Laneside Lake.

Laneside is the Speci' lake at the complex, home to some very large fish. Most fish in this lake are over 5 lb but unlike other more popular venues Fourways is usually quiet and no Bivvy boys so we were excited to have a bash at it. I had fished the lake a couple of times previously and caught big fish including my PB so what would today bring?

We arrived at the venue at 6.50am, ten minutes early and waited by the gates for someone to come open up. (opening time 7am). 30 minutes came and went with still no sign of anyone so I rang the owner who gave me the code to the gate. This is poor really as this has happened on every occasion I've fished Fourways. An opening time is an opening time and we shouldn't be expected to open up ourselves or phone the owner but it is what it is and we entered the site

We set up with me on peg 27, Dad on 26. We were both fishing the method feeder today so I knew it would be a close match. On lakes like this I expected only a couple of fish to be caught though especially with the weather being baking hot too. Would I be proved correct?

Today was to be a 6 hour match between 8am and 2pm.

The first 40 minutes were unbelievable. I rushed into a lead of nearly 22 lb with a Mirror Carp of 7 lb 2 oz, another Mirror of 7 lb 11 oz and yet another Mirror Carp of 6 lb 15 oz whilst Dad on the next peg had failed to register anything. What a start. I was buzzing. Surely this was going to be runaway victory for me, like the last match.

But I was wrong.....

The next 2 hours 20 minutes belonged to Dad as he raced into the lead. I could only muster a small 6 oz Roach whereas Dad managed to bag 4 decent Carp ranging between 6 lb 6 oz and 7 lb 12 oz.
This was a battle !!! Dad lead by 6 lb 10 oz at this stage

The next hour saw me net two Good Common Carp of 9 lb 13 oz and 6 lb 14 oz to re take the lead and put me about 10 lb in front.

Dad hit back in the next hour netting a huge 11 lb Carp whilst I blanked in that hour. Dad now lead by a solitary pound.. This was going to be close.

The last hour was a nail biter. Dad kept hold of his one pound lead until 20 minutes remained when I bagged a Mirror Carp of slightly over 8 lb to lead by 7 lb. Could I hold on for the final 20 minutes??

With 12 minutes left on the clock Dads rod wrapped round. NOOOOOOOO I shouted as I saw his line get pulled across the late.... Dad played it for a few minutes before SNAP off it got.
Phewwww for me, heartbreak for Dad.

We played out the final 5 minutes without any action for a nervy victory for me. 4 - 1

David 46 lb 14 oz
Dad 39 lb 12 oz

David 7 fish
Dad 5 fish

David biggest catch 9 lb 13 oz
Dad biggest fish 11 lb

What a match and what a day. Really enjoyed it and the best match we have had in many years. Big fish caught by both of us and we lost 4 each too (most snapped us)

I now lead by 8 points with only 5 matches to play, but first we have a months break.

The next match is on Sunday 9th September.

I need 9 more points from the 25 available to retain my League Title...

Saturday, 21 July 2018

21st July 2018 - Risby Fishery (Gorse/Tench Lake)

After my abysmal showing at Docklow and now that the league points were all square this was a match I simply had to win

Todays match was at Risby Park again, like a few weeks ago, but this time on the Gorse/Tench lake.

In glorious sunshine we set up on pegs 30 and 31 (me being on 31).

I chose to fish the method feeder with Dad opting for the pole

As the Bivvy boys opposite packed up and disappeared (after their night fishing antics) we started the match

The first 2 hours saw me catch four Mirror Carp and a Bream whilst on the next peg Dad had caught one foul hooked Skimmer.
Great stuff we paused for Brekkie with me holding an advantage of around 13 lb.

After Breakfast and for the next couple of hours Dad netted a good Common Carp of 7 lb 8 oz, however that was nothing in relation of the match as I constantly caught in these couple of hours, netting two Bream, a Roach, 3 Mirror Carp and a huge 8 lb 12 oz Common Carp to stretch my lead to around 23 lb.

The last two and a half hours saw me switch to Hard Pellets and I couldn't stop catching. I bagged nine more fish in this period including a lovely Koi Carp and a Ghost Carp. Dad fishing only a dozen feet away caught a solitary Skimmer.

What a day, I was on fire. I caught lots of fish from the margins and won the match very easily to regain the lead for the season

Todays result :

David 21 fish, Big T 3 fish
David 63 lb 7 oz, Big T 10 lb 4 oz
David Biggest 8 lb 12 oz, Big T biggest 7 lb 8 oz

David wins 5 - 0

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

7th July 2018 to 14th July 2018 - Docklow Pools

Here it was Docklow 2018. Our annual trip down to Docklow Pools in Herefordshire

We were booked in to stay in "Treetops" Apartment and had booked for 7 nights.

The weather forcast was for hot sunny weather all week, this would surely suit Dads Pole Fishing approach wouldnt it???

We got to Docklow Pools shortly before 11am after calling at the Supermarket on the way and checked ourselves in. The Apartment was large, clean and very homely...

We decided not to fish the first day as England were playing in the World Cup that afternoon so we chose to have a chilled out day. A few beers, watch the footy, go for a walk etc

As i lay in my bed on Saturday eve, I was nervously looking forward to getting the Docklow Trophy underway in the morning. It was to be 6 days fishing so 30 points up for grabs. The first to 16.5 would win the trophy. Also, all points went towards the league total too. I brought with me a 13 point lead, surely I wouldnt relinquish it would I ???

DAY 1 - SUNDAY 8/7/18
This was a 9.5 hours match and was very difficult. The weather was scorching and all the big Carp were just cruising near the surface not interested in eating. Dad was always in control of the match staying a couple of pound in-front of me with 5 fish caught each. I dabbled with the Pole a little bit but with limited luck. Back on the rod with 2 hours to go, I landed a Carp to narrowly take the lead, however with only 20 minutes to go Dad caught a Carp to regain the lead and hold on for a narrow victory. 
We both caught 6 fish each, I ended up with a total of 13 lb 3, Dad had 17 lb 1 oz. My biggest fish was 5 lb 2 oz, Dads was 4 lb 10 oz.

Final score - DAVID 1.5, DAD 3.5

DAY 2 - MONDAY 9/7/18
This was an 8 hour match and our first time fishing this lake. The match was nip and tuck even though we both had contrasting days. I had long periods of inactivity catching only 7 fish, whereas Dad was catching all the time, all be it tiny tiddlers. With 10 minutes to go I took the lead with a nice tench banked, but Dad throw the Pole back out and got a couple more tiddlers to snatch a late win again....
I finished with 7 fish for 15 lb 2 oz, Dad had 31 fish for 15 lb 9 oz. My biggest fish was 3 lb 9 oz, Dads was 3 lb 7 oz

Final score - DAVID 1, DAD 4

DAY 3 - TUESDAY 10/7/18
This was a 9 hour match on what used to be our favourite lake. This year the lake has had a lilly pad bloom and as a result a lot of the pegs are basically unfishable which was disappointing. We found a double peg and in what was our third day of scorching hot weather settled down for what proved to be an easy victory for Dad. I lost a big fish in the lillys but apart from that had a day of catching little fish, Dad was catching a lot more on the pole but again only little stuff however they all add up.
I ended up with 18 fish for 18 lb, Dad had 48 fish for 25 lb 9 oz. Dads biggest fish was only 1 lb 13 oz whereas I had a 3 lb Carp to at least gain 1 point.

Final acore - DAVID 1, DAD 4

DAY 4 - WEDNESDAY 11/7/18
This was a 9 hour match and although a better day for me catch wise, I didnt win a point ! Dad was awesome today catching a better stamp of fish than me almost every catch. I did well to be fair landing 21 fish for 33 lb 8 oz, however Dad caught 5 more than me but in weight hammered me ending up with 64 lb 11 oz. Another defeat for me and my third on bounce. Disaster... Dad won 4 out of 4 and had clinched the Docklow Trophy for the second year running.
I was gutted knowing I lost a huge fish too. I got snapped by what felt like a double figure beast but the "one that got away" doesnt count!!

Final score - DAVID 0, DAD 5

DAY 5 - THURSDAY 12/7/18
This match was supposed to be on the Figure of 8 lake but after an hour we decided to go back on the Match Lake instead and I'm glad we did. Although I had lost the Trophy, more worryingly my season lead had been eaten. I came to Docklow 13 points clear and now heading into todays match we were level!!
The pegs we had were full of ants, the sunny weather had been replaced by rain and we didnt have brollys or coats or trousers so fishing in shorts in the rain it was and as expected the rain suited me. The fish were deeper and suited my style of fishing.
I fished very well and ended up catching 23 fish for 66 lb 12 oz, Dad had 17 fish for 48 lb 4.5 oz. My Biggest fish of 6 lb was the biggest of the day too
Finally a victory for me and a bit of pride back

Final score - DAVID 5, DAD 0

DAY 6 - FRIDAY 13/7/18
This match was a shortish match of 7 hours 15 minutes due to a storm due at 3pm. 
It was a pretty dull match to be honest with the highlight being a Pigeon swooping down and hitting Dad on the head not once, but twice. I only caught 11 fish for a measly 12 lb 14 oz. Dad faired slightly better with 20 lb 6 oz from 24 fish. Dad also had the biggest fish of the day and in fact week with a 7 lber to win 5-0 and finish the week in style and also draw level for the season again

Final score - DAVID 0, DAD 5

So...... I was thrashed. Dad won the trophy 21.5 v 8.5 and well deserved too, he fished well and I have to start using the pole more before we return next year.

I caught 86 fish in the 6 days, Dad caught 152, My overall weight was 159 lb 7 oz, Dads was 191 lb 8 oz

It was a fantastic week and I enjoyed it very much
Roll on next Summer when we return for the 4th year

More importantly we are now level for this season with only 7 matches to go and I definately am starting to feel the pressure

Sunday, 1 July 2018

30th June 2018 - Gilmoors (Bottom Lake)

So a sneaky unexpected final session before we head to Docklow and a chance to visit Gilmoor Fishery, a venue we fished last year. Today we were to fish the bottom lake, a lake I did ok on last year
We got the lake at 7.15am and set up on the far side of the lake.
Both lakes at this venue are in need of some TLC. The pegs are poor and the track around the lakes uneven and hazardous but this was a fishery that not many people know about so is quiet and more natural than other waters.
I set up the feeder rod, whilst Dad set up rod and pole today
The day was an anti climax in all honestly as we both struggled in many ways however the sun was out and was very warm so you cant have everything I suppose.
We had literally millions of flies surrounding us for the full session which was so annoying and the first two hours of our match was annoying fishing too as we both struggled to catch.
I had a carp of around 4 lb and a small Roach whilst Dads was picking up a few tiny Roach on the pole.
The next two hours were terrible for me as i didn't net anything. Dad was still on the pole and catching with almost every ship out however only 4 oz Roach so my earlier 4 lb Carp was keeping me in the match.
The next hour saw me catch another Carp close to 5 lb so I was right back in the match but once again Dad was slightly infront as he continued to catch lots of tiddlers.
With an hour to go, I caught another Carp of 4lb and a decent 1 lb Roach to put me 4 lb in front so Dad switched to the rod to try and land a Carp but no more fish were to be caught so another victory for me and my 5th on the bounce which puts me 13 points clear in the league as we head to Docklow next Weekend.
Cant wait...

Todays result

David 4 fish - Dad 21 fish
David 13 lb 2 oz - Dad 9 lb 2 oz
David biggest 4 lb 12 oz - Dad biggest 9 lb 2 oz

4-1 to Me :-)

Friday, 15 June 2018

15th June 2018 - Woodlands (Kestrel Lake)

Match Day 7 of this season and a rare Friday match as I had booked the day off work with us due to fish Woodlands (Kestrel Lake)

Woodlands is a multi lake venue we have fished many times before but the better lakes at the complex are usually matched up every weekend hence me booking a day off work today.

Kestrel is one of the match lakes so is basically a big wide rectangular shaped lake with no features just open water. Perimeter vegetation is non existant too.

Cat boxes everywhere for the countless roaming felines and a big dead carp in the bushes greeted us when walking around the lake... Not a good impression!! It appears that more thought, energy and money is going into the large amount of new lodges being installed and the fishing side seems to be being left resulting in not awful but "tired" surroundings

I chose peg 7 with Dad on peg 6 and we set up in overcast conditions. It was due to remain dry but dull all day so no weather worries for us. I was on my usual Method feeder approach whereas Dad chose to fish the pole.

We fished for 6 hours 30 minutes and we had very, different days.

Dad hated every minute, he struggled badly all day, losing three or four small ones and only catching 6 fish in the whole session (In fact the Heron flying above us all day caught more than Dad!!)

I on the other-hand had a blinder. I just couldn't stop catching all day. I ended up with 31 fish in total and the magical 50 lb total weight mark reached.

A huge 5-0 victory for me today and my 4th big win on the bounce after losing 2 of the first 3 matches earlier in the season.

This means I head to Docklow with a 10 point lead in the season and I can concentrate on winning the Docklow Trophy without a lot of pressure in the league

Todays result

David 31 fish
Dad 6 fish

David 50 lb
Dad 12 lb 12 oz

David's biggest fish 6 lb 6 oz
Dad's biggest fish 4 lb 12 oz

I wont be heading back to Woodlands in a Hurry although 50 lb and a 5-0 win means I'm a happy man this evening.

Bit of a break now with no sessions before Docklow

Roll on 3 weeks when we commence battle for the Docklow Trophy

Sunday, 10 June 2018

10th June 2018 - Morndyke

Match day 6 was here and a 4am alarm arghhhhh
Netherless.... I was looking forward to this match as we were to fish Morndyke, a venue we haven't visited for three years

We got to the lake at 5.45am and chose pegs 2 and 3 (Me on 3) We both had the island to fish to, Dad had the far edge of it whereas I had more of it to aim at. Both of us had vegetation to our left and right too.

We started at 6.30am and this was to be an 8 hour match.

The first two hours saw Dad bag a couple of Tench and a couple of small Roach whilst I landed a small Tench and nice 7 lb Mirror Carp.

The second two hours were equally hard work with me netting only two small Roach, meanwhile Dad was struggling too, catching nothing but small Roach.

So half way through we were quite annoyed. Roach were constantly picking up and then dropping our bait with every single cast. Luckily for me I'd bagged a decent Carp to build a slight lead over Dad who couldn't get anything other than those Roach. He had more fish than me, but I lead in weight and had the biggest catch so far but it was close

The third quarter of our match saw Dad continue to struggle along netting more small Roach, but then BOOM over on my peg I caught three Carp in three casts, (two 6 pounders and a 5 pounder) On top of this I managed to net two small Roach.

Heading into the final two hours surely I couldnt be caught ??

I was proved correct, the final two hours saw Dad have only a couple more Roach whilst three more Carp got landed by me (two over 7 lb and a 5 pounder). I also caught one more of those Pesky Roach that had ruined Dad's chances over on his peg.

So what a result for me.... A huge win.

13 fish each were caught so half point each
I had the biggest fish of the day, a Carp of 7 lb 12 oz, beating Dads 3 lb 2 oz Tench
My match weight 48 lb 8 oz beating Dads 11 lb 1 oz

So big win for me which extends my lead to 5 points for the season with only one more match before our Mid Season Break in Herefordshire for the Docklow Trophy

Roll on this Friday first though when we head to Woodlands

9th June 2018 - Raker Lakes (Heron Lake)

So today was a spur of the moment session.

The weather was glorious so I packed the car with my gear and in jumped Kirsty too who was coming to keep me company and read her book in the sun.

We got to the venue at 10.30 and got on one of the two remaining un-occupied pegs on Heron Lake.

I was fishing 11am until 4pm so a nice 5 hour fishing session in the Sunshine

The first couple of hours saw me bank two decent Carp and two Skimmers.
The last three hours were tinged with good and bad. I got snapped twice by two big Carp and lost two more but on the plus side I did manage to net two more Carp and two more Skimmers

Not a bad little 5 hours on a lake in all honestly we rarely fish.

I finished with 8 fish for 18 lb 5 oz

Friday, 1 June 2018

1st June 2018 - Raker Lakes (Horseshoe Lake)

Today was a spur of the moment session.

I took the opportunity to finish work at 2pm and headed over to Raker Lakes for a pleasure session on my own.

I got to the venue at 2.40pm and chose Peg 9 on Horseshoe Lake.

The weather was hot and the lake was teaming with Carp, some of which were huge, (easily going up to 20 lb in my opinion.) The bad news though, was the nice weather had pushed the Carp to start spawning so were all near the surface splashing around. This session was going to be difficult I thought to myself

I was going to be fishing 3.15pm until 7.15pm so armed with very little tackle I cast in and hoped for Silvers if the Carp weren't going to play

The first hour saw me land five Bream so not a bad start and the second hour just as good as I netted another five Bream in this period. The third hour finally saw me bag two Carp. A nice 3 lb Common and then a lovely 2 lb 8 oz Koi Carp being bagged. I also netted another two Bream in this period. The final hour saw me back amongst the Bream landing three more before I packed up

A cracking four hours for me and lots of action as I finished with 17 fish for 22 lb 4 oz.

It was a shame the Carp were spawning so not feeding but I still enjoyed myself and it beats working a full day :-)

Two matches planned against Dad coming up in the next two weeks on 10th and 15th of June. (Morndyke and Woodlands)

Saturday, 26 May 2018

26th May 2018 - Mccallums (East Lake)

So today's match also had a special guest. Young Ethan, my Step Brothers 14 yr old lad.

The 5 points up for grabs for me and Dad were still applicable however having a third member today would add some extra spice.

The session was to be held at Mccallams (Bank End) on the East lake and after entry to the site at 6.40am we chose pegs 57 (me), 56 (Dad) and 55 (Ethan). These three pegs were on a cut out wide peninsular so ample room for the three of us and meant we were all sat together.

The Lake is large but doesnt have much to fish to. There are no Islands and the perimeter vegetation is not very thick so we would all be fishing into open water today.

We started the match at 7.30am and it was to be a 7 hour match with no breaks (We were too far from the Cafe...) - Luckily Dad brought pack up for us all :-)

Within 2 minutes of my first cast I was in and landed a Carp of 6 lb 2 oz, my second cast another Carp. This time 2 lb 14 oz. What a start... (For me). Dad and Ethan had failed to get off the mark...

The first two hours saw me net those opening two Carp and five Bream. It was unbelievable. Almost every bait was working for me and seven fish in two hours - fanatstic. Dad had a slow start bagging just 4 smallish carp, Ethan netted a huge Carp in the first two hours of 8 lb 10 oz but apart from that was struggling to land anything major. He lost a couple bringing them in but had netted two Skimmers so not all bad.

The next three hours saw Ethan net four more Bream. Meanwhile Dad landed a Roach, three more Carp and a Bream. These were good figures for May but I was having an unreal time over on my peg. I was catching almost every other cast. I landed seven decent Bream and two more Carp.

The final two hours was still good for me banking four more Bream and another Carp however the battle for second between Dad and Ethan looked like going to the wire. Ethan caught three more Bream to get within touching distance but a late surge by Dad netting two more Bream then the killer 7 lb 7 oz Carp clinched second for him

So a nice day in the sun with plenty of fish caught (over 100 lb between us)

Final Result:

David 58 lb - (21 Fish)
Dad 38 lb 5 oz (12 Fish)
Ethan 25 lb 13 oz (10 Fish)

Biggest fish of the day was Ethans 8 lb 10 oz, (although for mine and Dads league Dad got the point for his 7 lb 7 oz Carp right at the death)

David 4 - 1 Dad

Todays result means I have now taken the lead for the season leading 13 points to 12.

The next match is June 10th unless we fit the midweek match in before then.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

19th May 2018 - Elm Tree Farm Fishery (Horseshoe Lake)

So today was a practice session, out on the bank on my own due to Dad having other commitments.
I chose to go to Elm Tree Farm Fishery a venue I'd only visited once previously.

I got to the lake at 6.30am and set up on Peg 22.
I had the main island infront of me to fish to and also a small clump of vegetation in the open water to my left which resembled almost a tiny island. I had bushes to either side of me too so a good Peg I thought.

The weather was warm and sunny so a cracking day was to be had.

This lake is full of F1 Carp and silvers although they claim the Carp go to 18 lb which I do not believe. There are two small Carp Speci lakes at this venue so those two lakes will home the decent sized fish but Horseshoe does offer good sport with plenty of bites

My first cast was made at 7.10am and I was fishing a total of 7 hours today so plenty of time to relax in the sun and land lots of fish...

The first hour saw me bank an Ide and two Bream so a fairly good start.

My Girlfriend and her Sister then arrived with Bacon Sarnis.... what a couple of Legends :-)
However the next two hours died and no fish were caught

Then the final four hours were crazy... Fish after fish I landed, almost with every other cast. Fourteen more fish to be exact.

I finished with 17 fish in total for a weight of 38 lb 4 oz which pleased me,

Its a lovely lake but a shame that you know what you are going to catch,
Of my 17 fish, 12 were F1 Carp

Next week I'm fishing with My Dad and my Step Brother's Son Ethan so not a "match" but should be good fun and more practice

Sunday, 13 May 2018

12th May 2018 - Risby Fishery (Folly Lake)

Well, well, well I wasn't used to this... Fishing under huge pressure during the league season.

I trailed Dad by 6 points going into today's match and knew even a five Nil win wouldn't catch him..... But another defeat would put me in serious trouble for the season even at this early stage

Today's match was at Risby Fishery on the Folly Lake, one of our favourites

We got to the venue at 7am, chose pegs 38 and 39. Me on 38, Dad on 39 and Dad set up the Pole. He was fishing just the pole today, no rod. I set up the Feeder as per usual but went back to my old cheap Frenzee rod that served me well a couple of years ago. Would it bring me the luck I needed??

The weather was already warm and sunny and a full day of sun was forcast so todays 7.45am until 3pm match should see good weather all the time

The first two hours were a proper battle with six fish each caught and a slender lead for me going into Breakfast.

We went to the cafe and I was very pleased with six fish and over 20 lb in such a short space of time. (I'd bagged three Mirror Carp, a Common Carp of 7 lb 8 oz, a Bream and a Ghost Carp of 6 lb). However Dad had also got the six fish and wasn't far behind me

After Breakfast the next few hours were quiet but at least I still caught steadily netting three small Carp and two Bream. Dad though failed to catch so I extended my lead a bit in this period.

The last couple of hours saw Dad bag two fish but I pulled further in front netting two Carp over 5 lb and two really good Bream (one of which was 3 lb 5 oz)

So a great morale boosting win for me today and Dads season lead cut to just the two points.

There are two matches left before Docklow (one a Mid Week match) and the league is competitive this season which is good so I need to be on my game from now until the end of the season

Next week I'm fishing alone over in South Yorkshire at Elm Tree Fishery so a bit of practice for me.

Todays Match Result:

Overall weight - David 44 lb 8 oz and Big T 25 lb 12 oz ---------- DAVID 3 POINTS
Most fish caught - David 15 and Big T 8 ---------- DAVID 1 POINT
Heaviest fish caught - David 7 lb 8 oz and Big T 7 lb 8 oz ---------- DAVID 0.5 POINTS, BIG T 0.5 POINTS

DAVID wins 4.5 v 0.5

Sunday, 29 April 2018

28th April 2018 - Birkwood (Main Lake)

So today was match day 3 and after last weeks poor effort I needed and wanted a win to get back on track.
I picked Birkwood Main Lake for the match. This was a lake we hadn't fished for three years but after a recent spurt of Large Carp photographs on Facebook of fish recently caught we were both optimistic of a good session.
I arrived at the lake at 6:10am to find Dad already there and tackling up on peg 3. I chose peg 4 to his left. Birkwood main lake has no features to speak of with the exception of an aeriator which pegs 3 and 4 were both bang opposite so fair enough Dad decent choice of pegs
We started our match at 7am and it was to be a 7 hour match.
The weather was very cold but at least no rain or wind was forecast
I was first to catch, a tiny 6 oz Bream, Dad quickly followed but with a nice carp, over 4 lb and soon followed it up with a Bream of over a pound too.
I was in trouble...
I managed to net another small Bream but then Dad bagged himself a 5 lb Carp and was well infront even at this early stage of the day.
The next couple of hours saw me catch a tiny Roach and three Carp between 2.5 lb and 4.25 lb, Dad netted another good Carp of over 4lb and two more Bream again over the pound mark to remain infront.
The last couple of hours saw me back amongst the tiny stuff. Two small Bream and two tiny Gudgeons were all that I could muster. Dad kept his distance in front by landing 5 more Bream to claim a big victory
Dad claimed the point for biggest fish of the day with his 5 lb Carp beating my 4 lb 4 oz Carp
Dad claimed the point for number of fish caught in the day with 11 to my 10
Dad claimed the 3 points for total weight caught. I finished on 13 lb 8 oz with Dad ahead with 19 lb 13 oz

A deserved victory for Dad and a p*ss poor effort from myself.
I'm far from happy with my start this season and I'm already having to play catchup.
Dad leads by 6 points going into match 4 in two weeks time

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - fuming !!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

14th April 2018 - Plainville

Match Day 2 and a 5am alarm...
Up I got and drove over to Dad's house, transferred all my gear into his car and we set off up to Plainville Lake at Wiggington, near York.

This venue was one I'd fished four times in the past so I knew the place fairly well.
It is a snake type lake so I was really surprised to find that Dad had not taken his Pole.

The weather was fine, in-fact quite sunny and warm.

We set up with me on Peg 23 and Dad on Peg 22. This part of the lake was wider than the rest so was ideal for us both fishing the Method Feeder.

It was a 7 hour session and to be honest was a damp squib of a match....
The first 5 hours consisted of me landing a small 1 lb 5 oz Chub and Dad a 2 lb 8 oz Bream. Neither of us were even getting bites. This was made even more annoying as big Carp were easily visible just cruising around but not interested in feeding.
The last couple of hours saw Dad pull in two Chub and me a Bream so Dad won the match.

Most Fish - Dad three, Me two so Dad gets the 1 point
Biggest fish - Both Breams were the same weight so 0.5 points each
Overall weight - Me a poor 4 lb 3 oz, Dad slightly more but still poor 5 lb 12 oz so Dad gets the 3 points

So Dad takes the lead for the season after the first two matches and well done to him. He beat me fair and square today in a dull match lacking bites or any action.

Plainville is still a good fishery and one I enjoy fishing. Its peaceful and ran really well by the owner Andy who cant do enough for you.

Roll on 2 weeks time when we arrive at Match number 3 wherever that may be.......