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Oakmere Lakes (Course Lake) - Venue Review


This lake is the course lake (Front Pond) at this 3 lake venue.
It is by far and away the most attractive of the three lakes.
A large island at one end is reachable by feeder from a few pegs and the lake has many lilly pads on almost every peg.
Other perimeter vegetation is present and trees etc too so lots of features.
The lake is fairly large with around 40 pegs.
This lake hold the largest Carp at the venue with a few over 20 lb.
There are silvers and Tench too present.
Some Bream go to around 10 lb.

Not many rules however Groundbait not permitted so use soaked feed pellets when feeder fishing

Quotes I've found on other sites include :

"This lake has some huge carp in, its just difficult getting them out"

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